My Silent Night

World Premiere / Musical play by John Debney, Book by Hannah Friedman, Lyrics by Siedah Garrett, Michael Weiner and Alan Zachary / Based on an idea by Richard Kraft / German translation by Ruth and Johannes Deny

It is the “most wonderful time of the year” and hardly any other holiday raises as many emotionally fraught expectations in its build-up. The musical play “My Silent Night” describes the days leading up to Christmas from the individual perspectives of its eight protagonists. As we get closer to the holidays, their fates become increasingly intertwined: Will Justin, who is working overtime at an electronics store, have to celebrate Christmas alone? Will Elisabeth find her great love in music? Will Amal ever have a family? And what role does the baroness play?

The Salzburg State Theatre commissioned film composer John Debney to create a contemporary and essential play to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the writing of the Christmas song “Silent Night”. This musical play is no historic account of the creation of the song, but a contemporary story inspired by the song’s powerful message of peace – a modern tale about the eternal competition between innovation and tradition as well as alternative forms of family life. The Felsenreitschule provides spectacular scenery for the play.

My Silent Night (Salzburg Clips)