Academy Award nominated John Debney is considered one of the most prolific and successful composers in Hollywood. His unique ability to create memorable work across a variety of genres, as well as his reputation for being remarkably collaborative, have made him the first choice of top level producers and directors. Debney combines his classical training and a strong knowledge of contemporary sounds to easily adapt to any assignment.

Video One

The Jungle Book – “Dr. John”

Video Two

The Jungle Book: “Christopher Walken + Bill Murray”

Video Three

The Jungle Book: “Jon Favreau”

Video Four

Walt Disney – “In My Blood”

Video Five

The Passion of the Christ – “Mel Gibson”

Video Six

The Passion of the Christ – “Soundtrack Success”

Video Seven

The Jungle Book – “The Score”

Video Eight

The Jungle Book – “‘The Bare Necessities & ‘I Wanna Be Like You'”